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Reminder! New CB1 Committee to Discuss Seaport Tuesday, April 18!

CB1's new Waterfronts, Parks and Resiliency Committee will discuss development of the Seaport at its meeting tomorrow, April 18. Show the committee how important the Seaport is by coming to that meeting. Let's find out what's happening with the Seaport Museum (we're still waiting for a commitment to funding!) and the New Market site (long silence from the Howard Hughes Corp.!). Details: CB1 Waterfront, Parks & Resiliency Committee Meeting Tuesday, April 18, 6pm Community Board 1 Conference Room 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North Here’s the agenda: 1) Leonard Ursachi Tribeca Park Art Installation – Presentation by Elizabeth ...

Seaport on CB1 Agenda April 18

Community Board 1 has a new Waterfronts, Parks and Resiliency Committee, and development of the Seaport is on the agenda for its meeting April 18. We urge you to come to that meeting, to find out what’s going on and to let the committee know how much we care about the future of the Seaport Museum and the development of the district. The long silence from the Howard Hughes Corp. about the New Market site and the continuing lack of commitment to the Museum for funding and piers should have us all concerned. This is a good chance to size up the new committee and find out what they know. Let’s show the new committee how important the Seaport ...

Show your love for your favorite maritime museum!

The more people who are advocating (via the City's active culture planning process) for the South Street Seaport Museum's programs, the better. Please help. http://createnyc.org/en/speak-up/