Save Our Seaport is a grassroots organization devoted to creating a new vision for the future of the South Street Seaport Museum, the Museum’s waterfront and boats, the Historic District and the old Fulton Market.

We are an all-volunteer group of concerned New Yorkers who want to revitalize the South Street Seaport in a way that preserves its inherent character as the public steward of New York City’s maritime history.

Save Our Seaport was formed by museum volunteers and former staff, including its founding president, Peter Stanford. Since 2011, we have grown to include a broad array of citizens concerned with the preservation of the Museum, the Seaport Historic District and its public markets, New York and American maritime history and the Museum ships and waterfront.

Save Our Seaport defends the public purpose of the neighborhood and its revitalization, and advocates for the interests of residents and New Yorkers at-large over those of corporate developers.

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