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Howard Hughes Corporation, in a letter to its stockholders dated March 23, states regarding its development at South Street Seaport: “The initial development encompasses seven buildings spanning several city blocks and includes the new Pier 17 building (under construction) along with the buildings west of the FDR known as the Historic District.” SOS asks…which seven buildings?

Write a letter to the New York Times

Last Sunday, June 5, the Howard Hughes Corporation ran an advertisement in the New York Times magazine about the “Seaport of Tomorrow.” No mention of the waterfront, of ships, of maritime practice, of printing, carving, of the South Street Seaport Museum, of any history at all, nothing about what makes the South Street Seaport a unique place for New Yorkers, and for the world. Take a minute to drop the Times a line to let its readers know…we’ve noticed what this developer leaves out of its publicity, and that we think the City should rethink this “future” for our South Street Seaport! Here’s how to send it: http://www.nytimes.com...