Let’s get the South Street Seaport Museum included in the city’s Cultural Plan

New York City is in the process of creating a Cultural Plan which could make 2017/2018 funding available to the South Street Seaport Museum.

To help make that happen, we ask that you write a short statement about why the museum is important to you and to the city. Just click on this link:

http://createnyc.org/en/speak- up/recommendation/

Then share your recommendation in the form provided.

Everyone has their own reasons for caring about the Museum, but here are a few that come to mind:

 — NYC will maintain the historic character and sense of place of the Seaport Historic District, by recognizing and supporting a South Street Seaport Museum.

–Let’s make sure our city’s cultural plan includes a vibrant vision of where we’ve come from as well as where we are going.

–Not every family in New York can afford to see Hamilton, but with a vibrant South Street Seaport Museum, every school child in the city can experience the world Alexander Hamilton and the other founding fathers lived in.

–Nothing is more essential to the soul of what became New York City than its maritime history.

–For kids growing up in the world of video games and cell phone selfies, standing on the deck of the Wavertree is an awesome experience in living history.

–In its buildings and its ships the museum preserves irreplaceable evidence of what was the first commercial heart of the city.

–Surrounded by runaway high rise development Downtown, the Museum needs the city’s support to anchor this amazing but vulnerable historic district.

Please help make this happen by writing a few words in support of the SOUTH STREET SEAPORT Museum!