Please Sign The New Coalition Petition

In some cultures, the symbol for ‘crisis’ is the same as the symbol for ‘opportunity’.  What seems like a crisis in which we may lose our historical landmarks is also an opportunity for us to prevent our beloved city from being recklessly overdeveloped. New York is already the most dense city in the nation, and we now totter on the brink of becoming an impossible-to-live-in quagmire, bereft of open space, accessible transportation, and treasured antiquities.

Responsible citizens are banding together to fight the exploitation of our metropolis!

Save Our Seaport has reviewed the linked petition, joined the coalition, and continues to encourage every thinking New Yorker to sign. Our neighbors in Tribeca and elsewhere share our sense of urgency that the development behemoth must be stopped.

Please read and sign the “New Coalition” petition…and pass it on! Your participation is vital.

[Read and Sign the Petition]